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Hands-Down, Your Smartest Business Decision Yet.

Make Smarter Decisions

VAP eliminates waste of inventory overhead by producing & delivering just what you need when you need it. Looking at your past & present packaging usage, we forecast what you will use on a daily basis, bringing you just what you need for that days production; eliminating waste & making you more environmentally sustainable in a cost effective way.

Packaging Management That Works For You

Need more than just a packaging supplier? Of course you do! That is why we work quickly & diligently to understand both your company & packaging needs through a true Kanban System. No matter the product or problem, we have the solution.

Increase Your Productivity

Running a business with multiple employees & products is made easier when strong communication systems are in place. We understand this. That is why we have a Team VAP Consultant at your facility on a daily basis, managing your processes & working hands on with your staff to improve your processes. Eliminate cost of confusion & get back to doing what you do best with VAP.

A Long-Term Partnership

VAP partners with you not only to handle your packaging but to help realize your strategic goals. At a time when words such as “partnering” & “alliances” have become a cliché at best, VAP has captured the true meaning of such terms. It is by this approach that we form a lasting relationship, improving & growing our businesses & communities.

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