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VAP = Inventory Savings

They reduced their inventory, maximized their space and saved.

Dollars Saved Monthly

Sq-ft of Inventory Saved

Decreased Labor Cost

We helped reduce their inventory man hours.

Dollars Saved Annually

Hours Saved Daily

Smarter Systems = Higher Productivity

VAP managed and improved their packaging operations.

Special Deliveries Cut a Week

Percent Reduction in Line Shut Downs/ Change Overs

On-Demand Packaging

Eliminated their packaging inventory risk.

Dollars Tied-up in Obsolete Inventory

Percent of Damaged Material Cost Saved

What the people who matter most say

Words from our team, vendors, customers and charities.

  • “VAP has been one of the best supplier’s I have done business with. Their customer service and response to our company’s needs exceeds any others. I would highly recommend VAP to anyone with box needs.”
  • “VAP services are critical as steel and VAP is super dependable!”
  • “The positive culture you have going on at VAP carries over positively to your customers. We can feel the energy!”
  • “Your Customer Service Manager… ‘She is so naturally customer service focused. I can’t say enough about her.”
  • “VAP makes our department invisible to our company by having no issues. VAP helps us stay in good graces with the rest of the company.”
  • “If you’re in a bind just call VAP! It amazed me that prices were so much cheaper than other competitors!”

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