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Our Vision, Mission & The VAP Way

We’re changing the way packaging materials are manufactured, managed & delivered to improve the lives of our VAP Team, customers, & community.


VAP will set a new standard for the way manufacturing is done.


VAP believes in changing the way our customers buy packaging, so that it is pain-free and seamlessly integrated into their product and processes in a caring and cost effective way.

This allows our customer to focus on what they do best.

VAP is a service company in a commodity world.

About VAP

Launched in 1997, by owners Jarod and Mari Wenrick, Value Added Packaging started by shipping small batches of packaging materials before moving into the design and production of boxes for manufacturing companies. Now we’re the leading provider of the lowest “Total Cost” packaging material management. We excel in delivering significant near and long-term savings through partnerships focused on leading lean-process design, sourcing, and delivery.

Companies experiencing overwhelming growth and/ or looking to reduce costs are our most complementary clients.

We’re fueling our growth by carving out a niche in offering tailored storage, inventory and management services for all your packaging needs. With highly talented and caring VAP Team Member working on-site with you, your packaging processes are consistently evaluated, and you eliminate wasteful time and spending.

"We're taking an industry that overproduces, an industry that is driven to create and produce volume, and we've taken the opposite approach,"

- Jarod Wenrick, CEO

The VAP Way

Change the Outcome – Our VAP Team operates with a strong commitment and focus to achieve our VISION.

Executing to Perfection – Our ability to react quickly, efficiently and personally to our customer is the key to our success.

People Development – Our Team members are our greatest asset. We will continue to invest in them.

Collaborative Effort – It is essential to our success that all VAP Team Members work as a team with integrity and accountability in all aspects of our business.

Integrity, Trust, Respect – To be a leader you must act and think like leaders and create a positive culture within our company.